Sew Very Peculiar

Handcrafted and bespoke accessories, wallets, bags, and more. 

The Story

I learned how to crochet and sew during my childhood; however, it wouldn't be until after I had children of my own that I really started expanding my skills beyond the basics. That was over twenty years ago, and periodically, I have made a feeble effort to create a business out of my hobby.  I gave a thousand reasons why those attempts failed, but the reality is, all those reasons were simply excuses. The bottom line was this: Yes, creating things is a passion but I wasn't creating passionately. I was attempting to mass produce or cover ALL the possible options for ALL the potential people. It was draining financially and emotionally.

Let's fast forward a bit. Six years ago, we moved back to the country and due to a variety of tiny divine interventions I found myself surrounded with a new ring of friends and supporters that encouraged me to embrace my peculiar passion without compromise. I was encouraged to create what I wanted, what I felt inspired to make, and to let those items attract customers who enjoyed my peculiar combinations.

This was an inspiring idea. A hard concept for me to follow, but I went all in and Sew Very Peculiar was born. What should have been a home run, opening a home business during the pandemic (yep, I started SVP in January of 2020), ended up with the year being a no-hitter. 2021 brought as much personal chaos as the previous year had lobbed at our family, and once again SVP was put on the back burner. For two years, I had made a handful of custom orders, some costumes for our local theatre, and a few small not-very-peculiar items.

I did learn a few new tricks during those two years. I learned needle tatting, shuttle tatting, machine knitting, machine embroidery, mosaic crochet, and English Paper Piecing. I started collecting a wild assortment of buttons and old jewelry and hardware and fabrics and clothes and fibers and yarns. By the end of 2021 I was ready to make 2022 my year.

I had a plan, I defined goals, and by June I was once again drowning in attempting to make fast-items to cater to the masses and cover all the bases and I was EXHAUSTED and miserable. Time had come for me to admit that every time I tried to deviate from my business' mission, I not only struggled, but ultimately failed. 

This brings us to this day, this wonderful day (which happens to be Christmas Day 2022), where I am shutting down my old blogs and my old site, and I am stating out loud on a new site the Mission of Sew Very Peculiar....and in doing so, I am inviting each and every one of  you to smack my hand (or my mouth) if I start to question my resolve. 

Sew Very Peculiar is a fiber arts company that creates a variety of accessories, home decor, and custom clothing out of new and upcycled materials. There are monthly shop drops, where new products will become available for sale on a first come first served basis. There is no guarantee that a pattern, print, or design will be made or can be made again. Feel free to ask if it can be recreated; however, there are no guarantees. 

Starting January 2023, sales tax will be charged on all purchases and each purchase will require an emailed receipt/invoice. 

I have gotten several headbands and she repaired a loved piece of clothing for me. Amazing, beautiful work, always on time and responses to all my tedious questions. I highly recommend!!

Andrea C. Kay Plunkett
Lynchburg Virginia
Lisa does great alterations at a reasonable price. The pants I gave her to hem looked even better than the originals. Lisa is wonderful!
Myra Trent
Charlotte County Virginia

Behind the Machines

Lisa Baldwin

Owner and Creator

Hey y'all! I'm Lisa, and I'm the creator and owner of Sew Very Peculiar. I'm a Jesus loving, God fearing, wife and homeschooling mother of four (two have graduated). I am a local theatre actress, costumer, and as of Spring 2023...a director! I am completely miserable if I'm not either creating something (not just fiber arts) or learning how to do something new. 


The studio is located in the front part of our "barn" down a country road in Charltotte County, Virginia. "Local delivery" includes Charlotte County, Campbell County, Lynchburg, Halifax/South Boston, Appomattox, Buckingham, Farmville/Prince Edward.

Charlotte County, Virginia 23923

Studio Hours


8:00 am - 4:00 pm